27 Ottobre 2021


Cordial greetings to all Costa Paradiso owners.

This period is undoubtly one of the most important for our Community: at last we are taking the final steps leading to the end of a long time in which the commitments of all of us were absorbed by the performance of functions that were not of our competence, resulting in significant disbursements and in the assumption of civil and criminal liabilities.

Over the years, a series of circumstances, which we don't need to recall now, has created a confusion of roles between public and private entities, so that the true nature of the Community - which is basically a large association of private individuals who, fascinated by this wonderful land, have invested, some in permanent assets by building their holiday homes, others in commercial activities to provide services – has been misrepresented. We faced a paradox since the private sector, i.e. the Community, was considered responsible for activities such as roads, waterworks and sewerage facilities, which are instead to be of Public Authorities specific competence. A year ago Trinità d’Agultu Municipality, of which Costa Paradiso is a significant part, took a very important and long-awaited decision and, by means of an official resolution, decided to start the process of acquiring all the Costa Paradiso allotment primary works and all the activities connected to them, in order to finally solve most Costa Paradiso problems and to begin a new phase of effective cooperation. In July this year, the Regional Administrative Tribunal sealed this decision with a judgment stating that the compulsory the acquisition is compulsory and setting a time limit for its implementation (six months after the decision).

The acquisition process is currently under completion and the representatives of the two parties are involved in the correct formalisation of the transfer of the assets and facilities to the Municipality, with particular attention to the consequent occupational implications, with the aim of safeguarding as many jobs as possible.

While all our efforts are committed towards this extremely important step, the new ATCP president, Stefano Angeli, has published pages full of cheap insults towards the Board of Directors and its President.  All of this, on an open site and therefore accessible for anyone having a negative impact on the image of our territory. To complete this ‘brilliant’ operation, the same site publishes incomplete and redacted comments, by authors, who proclaims themselves  Costa Paradiso participants but in the meantime hide themselves behind anonymity!

We would like to remind you that in the recent free assembly held on August 11th, in which anyone was free to stand as a candidate, and any group had the possibility to come up  with its own list, the only list presented obtained 94% of the votes in favour. This has never happened before!

We don’t want to answer to those who fill their statements with baseless insult and in contradiction with the positions held until few days ago, nor do we want to reply to those who hide behind anonymity. We believe that those who read these statements know how to separate facts from talk. The Board of Directors has no intention to continue in this controversy, which nobody needs. We believe  that this way of communicating can only  exacerbate tensions and inflame disputes between groups that should have (and mostly have) the same goals. The Board of Directors and its President are and will always be at the disposal of anyone who needs more clarifications and has suggestions, but they certainly cannot pay attention to those who seek to create conflict with offensive positions based on personalistic stances. 

In recent days, we held some meetings with the Municipality, which proceeded in total harmony and collaboration to complete the acquisitions, starting from the assumption that should be the basis for any future development: a clear distinction of competences and roles. This must also be clear to those who say that … “the minute the Municipality completes the acquisition of the infrastructures, there we should have ready an implementation plan for the management of the same which should involve the Community”. It is, therefore, to have not understood the meaning of all the work done to reach this goal and to intend to maintain the existing anting status quo.  Nor can we agree with the statement that … “It is realistic to believe that this institution (the Community) could find itself without specific functions…”. On the contrary, at last we will begin to build the REAL COMMUNITY and for this we need ideas and proposals from everyone, aimed at the best use of the great common resource represented by about 480 hectares of beautiful land, and programs contributing to raise the quality of life, the safeguard of the natural environment and the optimization of services. All the economic and tourist operators of the area will shortly be invited to a meeting in order to analyse together the methods and innovations that could be necessary to increase the residential-tourist appreciation of Costa Paradiso.

We will keep you constantly updated on the development and conclusion of the assets acquisition.

The Board of Directors of Costa Paradiso Community

October 25th, 2021

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