Remarks on the press release of the Mayor of the Municipality of Trinità’s Agultu of 18 August 2020.

Francese: Osservazioni al comunicato del Sindaco del Comune di Trinità d’Agultu del 18 agosto 2020.
25 Agosto 2020
Anmerkungen zum Kommuniqué vom 18. August 2020 des Bürgermeisters von Trinità d’Agultu.
25 Agosto 2020

Remarks on the press release of the Mayor of the Municipality of Trinità’s Agultu of 18 August 2020.

    On the bulleting board of August 18, 2020 of the Municipality of Trinità d’Agultu we can read an important statement from the Mayor Giampiero Carta relating to the state of decay in which the Costa Paradiso territory would fall.

    We do not hide our surprise ascertaining that only now the Mayor is noticing a highly odd situation in which perhaps the most important part of the municipal territory is located, which includes settlements of second homes for a total built-up of more than 500,000 cubic meters. ; which is built and it  contributes significantly to the entire economy of the Municipality. In fact, the subdivision of the Costa Paradiso District began in 1967 (fifty-three years ago !!!) and, despite the current legislation has determined a situation of contrast with the current layout of the territory in relation to the water-sewer system, System that has never been closed.

     In the meantime, the Subdivider has consequently disappeared; the Municipality, in the absence of a guarantee, has continued to issue building permits up to now without charging those  related to the missing primary works.In this context, an important urban complex has grown over the decades for the revenue of the Municipality and for the life of the entire district, but in a state of extreme precariousness as regards the water and sewerage. The territory of Costa ParAdiso's Community (defined “ unrecognized association”), established by the owners of the properties in the area, has taken steps to fully support the high costs of road maintenance over the years, as well as the management and maintenance of the systems relating to the existing water-sewage compartment, in i a position of questionable and dubious legality.

   The current AB, since its election in March 2017, has persistently and by all means carried out the attempt to reach a planned solution with the public administrations  involved to solve the aforementioned problems with the consequent transfer of the existing primary works to public ownership in order to pursue all the subsequent actions necessary to complete them in compliance with current legislation. In addition to the proposition of a judicial appeal in front of the Sardinia TAR, founded primarily on the request for the acquisition by the Municipality of the existing works, in recent years there have been numerous meetings with the Municipality itself, with Egas and Abbanoa to focus and establish in compliance the path of the necessary steps.

   Several times - given the willingness expressed by EGAS and Abbanoa - we thought to have come close to the solution through the commitment of the Municipality to carry out the first and indispensable step consisting in taking charge of the existing works: commitment, however, that has always been rejected by the municipal administration itself.

    The AB, aiming to  reach in a short time a defined solution thanks to the right  pragmatism approach, proposed to bring to the community assembly the assumption of the expense for the completion of the purifier in accordance with the provisions of the final project signed by Attilio Savi, owned by the Community itself. The proposal still remained unanswered. After this concised but necessary summary of the facts, we return to the important statement from the Mayor that the AB reads with great interest, approving - in the terms specified below - the program of actions envisaged by the same:-

  • taking charge of the roads, parking lots and all standards as provided by  the subdivision agreements;- preparation of the state of consistency of the existing water-sewage systems for the acquisition of the same by the Municipality and simultaneous transfer to the Egas-Abbanoa Manager;

 We ascertain  that the second step is the one that has always been indicated by Egas and Abbanoa for the purpose of acquiring the sewerage system requested and claimed several times by the Community to whom the Municipality has never followed up on. The press release does not indicate the timing which   the municipal administration intends to proceed with the take-over, and for this reason we believe that the expressed intentions cannot in any way be exploited - as already done in the past - to request further postponements of the decision of the Sardinia TAR.

 As regards the implementation of the first section for the completion of the sewage infrastructure, the AB's position against the construction of the works by the companies Paradiso Costruzioni srl and Carolina D srl is firmly reiterated in accordance with the building permit issued by the Municipality ( and the premised acts), for the reasons expressed in the appeal and in the subsequent additional reasons proposed in front of the Sardinian TAR in the context of the RG judgment 1010/2018 still pending.

 Further to this point,  we confirm that is essential to wait the sentence of the administrative judge. The preliminary hearing concerning this matter is set for next 28 October 2020. On the basis of the above-mentioned ruling, the responsible for the total completion of the sewerage work will also be defined. The TAR will also speak about the legitimacy of all the authorizations adopted by the Municipality in favor of the aforementioned private individuals for the realization of the first excerpt. In the event of a favorable outcome, the consequence should be a correct assignment of the works to a company, technically and financially referenced,  with  all the necessary technological guarantees of such an important public work.

 Pending the judgment of the TAR in relation to which it is requested not to oppose the slightest pretext that could cause further postponement, the AB renews its proposal relating to the completion of the purifier  plant.


The Administrative Board

Costa Paradiso 31 agosto 2020




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