Regolamento Corrispondenza e pacchi (Eng. Vers)

Regulations for mail and parcels receipt at the offices of the Community


Considered the increasing number of packages and / or certified mail received every year by the administrative offices, the following regulation has been defined as necessary to provide a high  quality of the service.

The service

The service is necessary because Poste Italiane considers Costa Paradiso an “extra area” and therefore does not deliver the mail directly home. It consists in receiving and managing parcels and mails, ordinary and not; the service is  also extended to couriers delivering to Costa Paradiso.

The service is carried out by the Administrative office  of the Community, during normal opening hours to the public, and it’s addressed to all the owners and residents of Costa Paradiso, for deliveries made by Poste Italiane; whereas, for deliveries made by courier, it is available for all the owners and residents  (only not defaulting).

In order to activate the service it’s necessary to send the appropriate proxy to the Administative Office (attached). Please note that this is required by the post office and couriers as it authorizes them to deliver correspondence to the secretarial staff and it’s therefore mandatory. The proxy must be duly completed and signed, also for the approval of the conditions included and for this regulation.

Attention: starting from 2020 January 1st all the proxies already signed will be cancelled and therefore it will be necessary, by that date, to fill in the new form and send it to Administrative Office by the  E-MAIL or by fax to +39079689450, or delivering it directly to the offices.


Ordinary mail

Ordinary mail is received directly by theA.O. of the Community (even without explicit proxy from the recipient), and can be requested by the senders during office opening  hours.

Given the amount of mails arriving at the Secretariat, and since it is impossible to notify every individual reception, the owners and residents are required to inquire at the secretary's office whether or not there are mails in stock.

During October and December of each year the secretariat will send all the mails to the various recipients, charging the respective costs.


Registered mail, legal documents

The letter is accepted and registered only when the presence of the proxy in the system is verified and therefore the recipient is allowed to withdraw it; at the same time the receipt’s notification is sent by email to the PEC address indicated in the proxy, with information about the type of message and about the sender.

To pick up the registered letter the recipient can:

1.go to the secretariat whose staff will have the right to ask for any identity document.

2 request a shipping charge by sending an email to, indicating the address to which the registered letter must be sent.

3.authorize a third person to the withdrawal, upon written communication to the A.O. personnel, who must verify the identity of the delegate.

Upon collection, a delivery receipt will be requested.


For packages is applied the same procedure as for registered mails.

 Special instructions:

The office will be able to accept the packages only if they comply with the following rules:

  1. dimensions should be less than 60 cm x L, 60 cm x W, 30 cm x H, and weight less than 25 Kg. The storage is free for the first week, after that a daily fee of € 1.00 will be applied (payment on delivery)

  2. Larger parcels could be accepted (compatibly with space in the offices), but they must be collected within 24 hours from when the notification e-mail has been sent by the secretariat. ATTENTION: in case of failure to collect, a daily deposit fee of € 2.00 will be applied (payment on delivery)

  3. Packages must be sent in the following format:


c / o Community Offices Costa Paradiso snc

Loc. Costa Paradiso

07038 Trinità dAgultu e Vignola (OT)

any parcel with different wording (address, via lot or in any case not expressly specified "C / O COMMUNITY OFFICES") will be interpreted as a request for delivery directly at home and will therefore be refused.

Will NOT be collected: Furnishings - Mattresses - Appliances - goods on pallets in general, dangerous goods such as chlorine for swimming pools in any format, gas cylinders, batteries, chemical agents, fuels, etc.



Mail by cash on delivery, parcels or registered mail (eg driving licenses) will be withdrawn only if the recipient has already deposited the amount due in the A.O. otherwise the mark will be refused  The held mail notification will be sent by PEC to the recipient.


The service is free for all the non-defaulting participants except in case of storage parcels

The Community Administrative Office